Elephant Resume

Imma Stomper


1305  Friendly Street                                                                  Zimbabwe, Africa, 36197

Cell: 1800CutiePie                                                                            Home: 903- 587- 1235


        I am searching for a job to be a transportation specialist. I can haul up to ten people on my back at once. The range of miles I walk daily is 25 to 50. I’m friendly, caring,  hardworking, and a good source of transportation. I don’t get tired easily and am willing to do anything it takes to get the job done. I’m just looking for a part time job, Monday-Thursday in particular. I am horribly scared of tigers, and every Friday through Sunday tigers do their annual clothes shopping.


I won the title of The All Time Strongest Elephant in Africa.

Worked multiple jobs including a taxi driver.

I have my driver’s license, and am a certified driver.

Professional Experience

        I went to driving classes for 5 years, and know everything there is to know about safety. I worked in Zimbabwe as a taxi driver for 2 years, and received a gold metal from the President of Africa for my overwhelming friendliness.

Journey To The Moon

Barbara had always wanted to go to another solar system to visit a moon. Barbara didn’t know anything about the moon though.  She decided she’d go research the moon more on the internet. She learned that eight moon phases occur in 28 days. During the phases of the moon, the moon is either waxing or waning. Now that Barbara is informed about the moon, she realized she needed to build a spaceship! Barbara’s spaceship needs to be able to make it to the moon and back without breaking down. Barbara spent a lot of time creating her spaceship, until it was perfect. She was so excited she’d finally be able to go to the moon! The next day, she gathered all her materials, and was ready for take off! She couldn’t believe that she was headed to the Milky Way. As she began her journey, she saw comets and asteroids orbiting the sun. How cool she thought! Barbara saw our planet, Earth, and there was the moon! She made her landing on the moon, and recalled that she was the first female to go to the moon that wasn’t an astronaut! This is what she had been waiting for her whole life. The excitement couldn’t be contained as tears of joy ran down her face! She reached in her spaceship and grabbed her flag that she was going to stick in the moon. She stuck the flag as deep into the moon as she could. All she wished for was that her dog, Mr. Ruffles, could be here witnessing one of the greatest accomplishments in her life! She was really missing Mr. Ruffles, so she thought she better head home now. She prepared her spaceship for the travel home and  took off! She made it safely backed to Earth, and ran to pick up Mr. Ruffles telling him how much he was missed! Barbara’s journey to the moon will never be forgotten!

Ecology Poem

I am a fish living in the sea.

It’s so scary to be me.

The sea is dark.

I wish I had some bark.

I live alone.

I really need some cones.

If only you knew, what it was like to be me.

Sharks are scary just like you.

I also live with only two shoes.

I’m starting to get in a bad mood.